miércoles, 21 de septiembre de 2011

Poema fatu V - Poema fatuo V

Treballant a contrallàgrima.

Trabajando a contralágrima.

viernes, 2 de septiembre de 2011

'Absence of a friend' from Gabriel Moreno to me (thanks so much my friend)

If only you were here,
with your garden lamp,
and your paper gown,
man-handling ghosts
all the way to the sun.
If only I could learn
your Dorian howl
and mystic rhyme,
your maddened song
and fanfare coats.
For in office breaks
you were not much,
but when you sang,
God when you sang!
you curved the word,
thoughts reversed
like kitchen gloves,
caverns made to hills,
a cascade of birds
sucked into the cleft,
the mitigated glory
of morning crowns,
a peace of knowing
that trees are still as
we chose them to be
and if we moved a leaf
we could well proceed
to rearrange the world.
If only you returned,
with your nuclear back
and your Gorgon hair,
puffing and venting
on the road to Elysium,
studying life in pebbles,
grouping sunflower seeds
for a shrine to freedom.
If only you appeared,
intact on my doorstep,
deposing the window,
with your Saturn skin
and your manic eyes,
before the final vow
unearthing the child.
If only you were here,
brother of the night,
hound dog of belief,
master of the perfect lie.